Summer Student Blog Entry August 2: Harry Potter at the Waterfront

Fun with face painting!

Fun with face painting!

After an amazing performance Friday night, Ally and I attended Avon River Days Yesterday. We participated in the parade with several of our Drama and Musical camp members. After the parade, we set up a booth near the waterfront, where a few of the girls helped us with face painting, a sucker pull, and photo booth.

As the hours went by, we became covered with more and more face paint designs ourselves.

I was channeling Harry Potter with my deathly hallows face paint, scar, cauldron and quill.

It was nice to be able to spend an afternoon in the sun after all of this rain we have been getting. I got the weirdest sunburn- it looks like a headband around my hairline- and a stripe around my shoulders. So, my two month streak of no sunburn has come to an end.

Note to self: when operating a face painting booth, do not tell children then can get “whatever they want”. We had requests for Dora the Explorer and Super Mario…that was interesting.

Until next time, everyone! Thank you to all who came out to support us yesterday.