Spotlight on ... Mike Butler!

Today’s Spotlight recipient is the fantastically talented local actor Mike Butler!

SPOTLIGHT PHOTO mikebutler.jpg

Mike is no stranger to Quick As A Wink and its fans; he has been involved in numerous different QAAW shows over the years including Golf, The Odd Couple: Female Version, A Little Princess, Rumours, The Long Weekend, and Don’t Dress for Dinner.  Mike also hosted our 2012 Winkie Awards, returned to host again in 2014, this time alongside our own Mark Wainman, and has received two Winkie Awards himself for People’s Choice Actor and Lead Actor in a Play.

Mike’s relationship with Quick As A Wink started thanks to his unusual involvement in a show by our friends over at CentreStage. “In Spring 2010, I was doing a kids show at CentreStage Theatre and Junie Hutchinson and Michelle Herx were in the audience,” says Mike. “I played a cat, I was 30 years old, and I was not thrilled with the show but had a lot of fun. After the show Junie and Michelle came up to me and asked if I would consider being a part of Golf: The Musical for Quick As A Wink. I agreed, and the relationship began!”

Mike is a very active member of the local theatre scene; in just over five years he has performed in thirty-seven plays, used various accents (including Spanish, Irish, English, Indian, and New York) and played a wide assortment of roles. “I've been young, old, a woman, a cat, a fairy, multiple ghosts, a good guy, a bad guy, a soldier, a janitor, and many more,” says Mike. He enjoys roles that challenge him and allow him to grow. “I did a two person play last year called Sleuth and that was very challenging and wonderful, but my most rewarding work I think was playing a shell-shocked soldier in the World War One play My Boy Jack. It was a very depressing role and it took many weeks to get into that very negative head space. I was so proud of it and audiences gave wonderful reception to me.”

When he is not onstage, Mike loves to write for The Grapevine, go to the gym, watch movies, and spend time with his family and friends. He would like to give a special shout out to his partner Ian, who is his “biggest supporter and biggest fan!”

If you have missed seeing Mike onstage, you can watch him perform this weekend in CentreStage’s Leading Ladies as Leo. “Leo [is] a struggling Shakespearean actor who, with his best friend Jack, decides to head to New York to pose as a lady’s long lost nephews to try and score part of her estate when she dies,” says Mike. “But Jack and Leo soon figure out it's not nephews she's looking for but her nieces, Maxine and Stephanie, so they pose as women instead.” The show is directed by another great QAAW alum, Junie Hutchinson. “I get to work with Junie again; she knows her comedies and she's very encouraging and supportive to me. I love being funny and she really lets me loose sometimes! And who doesn't love a 36 year old man in drag?!”

Thank you so much for all of your involvement with Quick As A Wink, Mike! We are very lucky to get to work with you,  and hope we get a chance to do so again soon!

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