Summer Student Blog Entry July 30: I’llll Beeei Baaaachk

The amount of Beyoncé lyrics I have stuck in my head cannot be expressed in words. But that’s okay, there’s always room in my head for Queen Bee.

Finally I am surrounded by people who share the same amount of energy as me (yes, I am a 19 year old with the stamina of a 12 year old)! It has been a non-stop singing, dancing, partying kind of week.

I’m sure tomorrow I will be busy backstage in the dressing room doing everyone’s makeup (I have already promised to contour everyone’s faces, make their eyebrows “on fleek” and conjure up some victory rolls). I won’t forget the time when Olivia told me I would look like the terminator if I was backstage in the dark with a contoured face (fyi I have a very angular bone structure). So I don’t mean to get your hopes up or anything- but you may be meeting Mr. Schwarzenegger tomorrow evening.

I’m no makeup guru, but I admit I do have a few years’ experience on them. It’s honestly so adorable how excited the girls are about getting dolled up for their performances.

I’m eagerly anticipating tomorrow’s performances; however, I’m going to be so sad when I have to say goodbye to all of the girls! We have had so much fun bonding with our weird jokes (seed baby, Cake on Fleek anyone?!) and I will be sure to miss their carefree personalities.

I’ve enjoyed myself immensely these last few weeks of camp- I’ve been so busy, it will be strange to have a day off for once! I won’t know what to do with myself. I’m sure I will fill this extra time listening to the hundreds of songs I currently have stuck in my head.

Until next time, everyone! Make sure to come out and support our musical theatre camp's Showcase tomorrow night at the King’s Edgehill Fountain Performing Arts Centre tomorrow evening at 7:00 p.m.