Summer Student Blog Entry July 3rd: And the Drama Camp Production is ...

This week my tasks have been all over the map; I have written song lyrics for our Drama Camp production's closing song, worked on a fundraiser, immersed myself in the world of FAME, interviewed numerous people involved with QAAW for our new “Spotlight on …” segment, planned and scheduled crafts, updated all of our social media accounts, and even started work on my trivia questions for when I host QAAW’s Pub Trivia at the Spitfire on July 14th.

It has been a whirlwind of a week, and I’ve loved every minute of it!

This blog post is especially exciting for me because I can now publicly announce for those who don’t know that this year that the show QAAW’s Drama Camp will be rehearsing and performing later this month will be ... CHARLOTTE’S WEB!

I cannot wait to see our campers bring this play to life onstage as it has always been one of my favorite books. However, I still cry reading the book today, despite being twenty-one years old, so I am afraid you may see me in the audience of our final camp performance sobbing my eyes out!

Today I’ve been looking into costuming for the show, since the cast of characters includes a loooot of animals! If you or anyone you know has any costume pieces we could borrow, particularly a spider costume, we would love for you to get in touch with us!

The Charlotte’s Web production will take place at 7pm on Friday, July 17th at the KES Fountain Theatre. This performance is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC by free will donation! We hope to see you there, as well as in the audience for our Musical Theatre Camp production at 7pm on July 31st!

Speaking of Musical Theatre Camp, FAME is currently up in the air as our musical production due to lacking camp numbers; its fate is to be determined tonight, so if you are planning on attending our musical camp please register ASAP so we can get a good idea of our camp numbers to know if this show will be possible to produce!

Should FAME fall through, we will keep you posted on what the Musical Theatre Camp will be doing instead.

Auditions for casting in both of these camps starts MONDAY so expect to hear some exciting audition stories in my blog posts next week! I cannot wait to meet our new campers!

Have a wonderful night, everyone, and I'll see you on the other side of the weekend!