Summer Student Blog Entry July 29th: Salsa, Selfies, and So Much Mooing

"But first ... let me take a selfie!"

I can’t believe our performance is only two days away! I’m not ready to say goodbye to everyone!

This past week and a half have been amazingly fun; I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself once these camps are over. Everyone here is so full of energy and enthusiasm. As I write this post, everyone is giggling while they stretch in preparation for dance rehearsal. It’s making me want to get up and dance with them (which no one wants to see, believe me.) It’s going to be a lot tougher to get up in the morning without the help of all these smiling faces!

That said, I also can’t wait to see all our actors perform. Everyone has been making fantastic progress this week; if I thought last week was amazing, I don’t even know what to call this week because my mind has been blown. The advances everyone has made in their singing and choreography has been off the charts. Everyone has learned so much in such a short time. 

I’d like to think that everyone is not only gaining theatre experience and learning about the acting during this camp, but also that they have had a lot of fun and made friends. I’ve seen a lot of selfies being taken by our actors these past few days(including the one featured here that I took myself!) which makes me think that true bonds have been formed; I mean, you don’t take a selfie with just anyone! It’s also wonderful that our campers now have these pictures to remind them of the memories made and friendships formed this summer!

Hard at work rehearsing our piece from Wicked

Of course, more hilarity has ensued this past week as well. We’ve had numerous fake marriage proposals (including proposals from one camper who proposed to me, Meredith, and our headshot photographer, Kelsey Van Blarcom, all in the same day.) One girl informed me that ”You Can’t Stop the Beat,” one of our big song and dance numbers, “needs to go away and die,” after being left totally winded by it during rehearsal. Another actor told me after working on “Fame” that the song makes her “feel salsa in her soul.” Just now one girl mistook a stuffed dog for me and was very surprised when she spotted me sitting in my chair. We’ve also had our fair share of mooing happening today, which has kept me in stitches. (Yes, mooing. Like cows. You’ll have to check out our final performance to see what I mean!)

We hope to see all of your at this Friday’s final camp performance! The show starts at 7pm at the KES Fountain Theatre by free will donation!

For now I must go – dance rehearsal calls to me!

See you at the show!