Summer Student Blog Entry July 25th: Choreo, Costumes, and Contouring

It has been an awesome first week of Musical Theatre Camp!

Working on our button for the end of Hard Knock Life

Our actors have so much passion, dedication, and patience that it blows my mind. This week they have been hard at work on both their group numbers and individual pieces, and slowly but surely everything has been coming together. I have already seen great progress from everyone this week, and know they will make even greater advances next week. I can’t wait to see what ways they will surprise me next!

Listening attentively as Olivia teaches some new choreography

Excitement has also been building every day for our final camp performance, even though it is still a week away. I get questions daily from our actors concerning their costumes, what they should bring in for the show, hairstyles they want to try out, and how the microphones work; Meredith has also been asked on a regular basis if she will help the girls with their makeup, and specifically if she will help them contour their faces! They are all looking forward to performing their pieces for everyone so much, so we hope you will all come out to see their show!

The laughter has continued throughout the week too. One girl made me cry with laughter while playing a game of Honey I Love You (where the goal is not to laugh or smile) by seeing my scrunched-up “attempting-not-to-laugh” face and asking me very sweetly if I “ate something sour?” Another has been presenting me with pictures of Bill Cipher, a cartoon character from Disney’s Gravity Falls, on a nearly daily basis because she knows he scares me and will cause me to laugh and yell "nooooo!" In what was perhaps most memorable moment for me this week, yesterday one girl told me that I was her favorite person, and that “her only other favorite person was her dog, so.” My face hurts every day when I go home from smiling too much. Our actors are all so wonderful.

Yesterday afternoon we also had a brief end-of-week celebratory party where we relaxed, ate snacks, and had more casual conversation and shared stories. It was a lot of fun! I cannot wait to get back to work on Monday, however, since I love watching these lovely ladies perform and grow.

Until next week!