Spotlight on ... Jane Kerr!

Today’s “Spotlight” nominee is the fantastic Jane Kerr!

Jane has been a valued member of our QAAW community for many years, dating all the way back to Glory Days! “I first became involved with Quick As A Wink because I wanted a hobby,” she says. “I had never acted before, and thought it would be fun; I had no idea how hard and rewarding it would turn out to be, or how addicting it was!" Jane's enthusiasm for her first production could not be easily contained. "I was first cast as a temperance lady in Glory Days, but was so excited to even have a role at all that I couldn't look stern - I was smiling all the darn time! Michelle Herx then decided to re-cast me as Howie's mom instead.”

Since Glory Days, Jane has been involved in numerous other Quick As A Wink productions, including Burglar in my Bed, The Replacement, Faith County, Faith County II, The Odd Couple, and Don’t Dress for Dinner. “I’ve been involved in many productions since I started, but the comedies are my favorite,” Jane says. “My greatest [theatre] accomplishment has been receiving a Winkie Award for my role in Don’t Dress for Dinner!”

What you may not know about Jane, however, is that while she never acted professionally onstage until becoming involved with QAAW, her daily life had been providing her with valuable skills that would greatly help her with acting years down the road. “I grew up in a home with two deaf parents, whom I love very much,” Jane says. “Even though I didn't have any actual acting experience prior to Quick As A Wink, I feel like I spent my whole life acting out emotions and stories so people could understand me!”

Outside of acting, Jane’s hobbies include camping with her family as often as she can, and getting lost in a good book. “I also enjoy having a laugh with friends over a drink … or four, haha!”

Thanks so much for all your wonderful contributions to Quick As A Wink, Jane! We are very lucky to have worked with you, and hope we get to do so again soon!

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