Summer Student Blog Entry July 22: You Can’t Stop the Hard Knock Life

I have an ear bug, and this ear bug is Hard Knock Life. Ever since we started camp on Monday, I have not been able to get it out of my head. It’s a good thing that the camp has such amazing music, or by the end of next week, I would go crazy.

I’m super excited that we have Wicked songs in the production, especially Popular, because let’s be honest, Kristin Chenoweth is my spirit animal.

I‘m so jealous of the girls….can I join in on one of the group numbers, at least?! I’ll stand in the back so the audience won’t notice me stumbling around. I think I’d make a great orphan.

An example of my amazing paparazzi skills.

An example of my amazing paparazzi skills.

As the day progresses. I feel like the paparazzi. I sneak out of the kitchen (where I have set up my office) to snap pictures of everyone in action. I take pictures of the girls as they sing….sneaking around corners and popping out from the back room. Although, as a few of the girls pointed out, my paparazzi skills are lacking. Most of my pictures turn out blurry when I try to catch the girls by surprise.

Clearly I need to brush up on my picture taking skills.

The past few days have been extremely productive. The girls' songs sound beautiful, and the dance numbers are looking phenomenal. I am so impressed with all the work they have accomplished in so little time. They are each so dedicated and talented in their own way, I like to see them in their element doing the thing they love so much.

I have also been getting a lot of work done of my own, besides supervising the camp. I have made it a goal to complete at least two grant applications a day, so I will be very busy for the next few weeks. We are all getting a great amount of work accomplished, it really is satisfying to head home after a day of such hard work. It’s also great to work and listen to such beautiful harmonies at the same time!

Until next time, everyone! I’m going to go listen to some show tunes I have stuck in my head.