Summer Student Blog Entry July 21st: Musical Camp, Cabbage Patches, and "Celtic Moods"

Sorry, everyone - I'm one day late with my posting again. But I have a good reason; I was very busy because Musical Theatre Camp is off to a spectacular start!

Our actors have been incredibly productive during these first two days; they have already learned a full group number, including both the song’s lyrics, rhythm, and melody, AND full choreography created by our own Olivia Lee. It is absolutely amazing how quickly they picked it up.; they put my dancing abilities to shame! (I had some GREAT pictures of dance rehearsal, but mistakenly forgot my camera at the camp today!! Expect some shots in Friday’s post!) Many of our campers have never even danced until this show and have been blowing me away every day with their hard work and progress.

In addition to accomplishing this amazing group number, everyone has also already started work on their own spotlight pieces, ranging from solo songs to monologues to small group scenes and songs. The talent contained in this group is spectacular; you are not going to want to miss their showcase next Friday!

Our actors also all have a great sense of humour and a very catching enthusiasm. Everyone has me rolling on the floor with their jokes and laughing until my lungs burn. From one camper’s comment that Baby Elphaba from Wicked looks “like a Cabbage Patch Kid, except more cabbage, and less patch,” another’s flawless rendition of Paulette (from Legally Blonde) yelling that her CD is called “CELTIC MOODS!!” and another still’s remark that Annie is much like “a female Batman, since she has no parents,” I rarely have a serious moment to catch my breath.

We all still have a lot of work ahead of us, of course, since camp has only just started, but I cannot wait for the rest of this week, and especially can’t wait to watch all these amazing actors perform for the public!

Check in on Friday for my next blog post, and hopefully some actual camp pictures this time too! My lovely co-worker Meredith should also be posting a camp update for you sometime this week!

- Ally