Summer Student Blog Entry July 17th: Until We Meet Again and Play

Our Drama Camp participants rehearsing their choreography for "Meet Again and Play," our closing song for the  Charlotte's Web  production!

Our Drama Camp participants rehearsing their choreography for "Meet Again and Play," our closing song for the Charlotte's Web production!

It is amazing what can be accomplished in just five days.

As I write this post, it is 11pm on Friday and our Drama Camp production of Charlotte’s Web wrapped up a mere two hours ago. Despite this, I already miss all of the wonderful actors I met at camp.

Today was an absolutely insane day, in the best possible way. It was the first time our campers got to rehearse the play onstage, use the mics, use lighting and sound effects, wear costumes, AND even use many of the props! We did a full run-through of the show before lunch, then costumed up, ran the show again in our dress rehearsal, and finally gave our final performance in the evening.

Our campers put in some serious rehearsal time this week; after all, the show was roughly an hour and a half in length, and they learned it in just five days! And their learning was not limited to just their lines; they also learned a number of techniques for memorization, projection, improvisation, and expression, as well as other direct aspects of the show like their blocking, how to set up each individual set in the show, where their props lived, the lyrics and melody of the end song, and some awesome choreography put together by Olivia. Long story short, they learned a LOT. They were fantastic. And I really could not be prouder.

We had an AMAZING turnout for tonight’s show; the audience was nearly full, and we were all very pleasantly surprised! Thank you so so much to everyone who came out to watch Charlotte’s Web; it was a truly memorable experience for all our campers to perform for such a big crowd, and you were a part of making that happen! We hope you enjoyed the show, as everyone from camp and I loved putting it on for you!

Earlier this week we had an abridged tour at Mermaid Theatre, lead by their lovely summer student, Chelsey!

You probably couldn’t tell from the audience, but backstage was a flurry of activity through the entire show; us leaders were working hard to do mic changes, organize props, change the words in Charlotte’s web and make sure everyone was ready for their cues. The kids were really great at helping us out with these tasks and were constantly offering help by tracking down stragglers, handing off their mics quickly and efficiently, and remaining enthusiastic and excited throughout the entire show. I feel very blessed to have worked with such a helpful cast!

I met some fantastic actors this week, and was incredibly lucky to have the chance to work with some returning ones from last year as well. You all truly amaze me. I am always wowed by the hard work you put in and by how you all step up to the plate and wow me every day, especially during the final performances. Thank you for such a wonderful week. I will hang on to these memories!

I could gush about our actors until the cows come home, so I’ll wrap it up here. I feel a little down now that camp has ended … but hopefully that won’t last too long, since musical theatre camp starts on Monday!

Tune in Monday for my next blog post so we can “meet again and play!”