Summer Student Blog Entry July 16: Let’s Take a Magic Carpet Ride to Mermaid Theatre

I apologise for the late blog post- we have been very busy with rehearsals for Charlotte’s Web this week!

In addition to rehearsal, Ally, Olivia and I took the children to Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia yesterday. The girl who gave us the tour was actually my neighbour (small world eh?).

At Mermaid the children learned how the puppets are made, and about the history of the theatre. We also saw the wall of postcards from all of the places where the theatre has toured, which was very cool! It was so interesting to go into the workshop and see how the puppets are created from the planning stages to the final product.

I love the puppets at Mermaid, because the theatre has their own unique aesthetic when designing them. When you see one of their puppets out in public, you know Mermaid Theatre created it.


My favourite room (as well as the children’s favourite) was the one where the artists paint the puppets in black light. It was interesting to see how the colors of the puppets changed in black light versus normal lighting.

I also spent some time with Katrina making props yesterday; we made Charlotte’s egg sack, and the words that will appear in the web, which turned out really well! Today we made animal costumes for Charlotte, the geese, and the sheep. The children also made animal ears for their costumes as their craft today. Everything came together really well, and the children were so excited to try on their complete costume for the first time!

I’m so excited for the play tomorrow! The children have been enjoying themselves immensely this week, and the excitement became even greater when we added costumes and props to the mix. Everyone has been working super hard; I know all of their work will pay off.

Make sure to stop by the King’s Edgehill Fountain Performing Arts theatre tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. to see Charlotte’s Web performed by our amazing actors!