Youth Drama Camp Spotlight on ... Lauren Schumacher!

Today’s special Youth Drama Camp Spotlight is on Lauren Schumacher!

Lauren is an up-and-coming actress attending our Quick As A Wink Summer Youth Drama Camp. While relatively new to acting, she already has a few shows under her belt; earlier this year she was involved in a performance of Through the Looking Glass that was performed at the Falmouth Hall, and last summer she was a part of our own QAAW Drama Camp production of Captains and Crews!

This Friday Lauren will be playing the title character of Charlotte’s Web, the beautiful and wise spider Charlotte. So far she was been enjoying the role immensely. “I really like playing Charlotte,” she says. “She’s in a lot of scenes!”

When she isn’t attending Drama Camp or working on her acting skills, Lauren likes to watch movies. “My favorite movie is Spirit,” she says. “It’s a horse movie! I like horses.” If she could be any animal, Lauren says she would like to be a horse … when she isn’t playing Charlotte the Spider, of course!

Lauren would like to give a shout out to her parents for supporting her in her acting. “Thank you for bringing me here [to the camp] every day,” she says.

Thanks for all the hard work you are putting into Charlotte’s Web, Lauren, and to all our other Drama Campers as well! You have been doing a wonderful job!

You can catch Lauren and her fellow Drama Camp actors onstage this Friday at our production of Charlotte’s Web, which is open to the public by free will donation! The show takes place at 7pm at the KES Fountain Theater.

We return to regularly scheduled “Spotlights” this Saturday. Do you have someone you think deserves to be highlighted in our “Spotlight on …” feature? Let us know and you may see them featured next!