Summer Student Blog Entry July 14th: In Which Our Campers are Terrific, Radiant, and Humble!

Our first cast read-through of the Charlotte's Web script this Monday!

Sorry this posting is a day late; Drama Camp week began yesterday and is off to an amazing start!

I could not be happier with the way our production is unfolding. We have an awesome, talented, and dedicated group of kids with us who have been working very hard and achieving amazing results because of it; many of our campers already have most of their lines memorized, despite today only being our second day of camp! I have personally witnessed kids discovering new voices and accents to try and use, accessing emotions onstage they never knew they could portray, and excitedly learning new theatre terms and concepts like upstage/downstage, blocking, etc.

Not only are we seeing amazing work being done and breakthroughs being made, but everyone is also having a lot of fun (myself included!) We have played a number of cool drama games (with “Honey I Love You but I Just Can’t Smile” and “Whoosh” emerging as early favorites among our campers) and also made some really cool crafts; yesterday everyone at camp banded together to make an enormous web craft out of yarn to hang onstage and use as a prop in Friday’s performance of Charlotte’s Web; the web spanned nearly the entire floor of the hall, and looked amazing. Today we made some more crafts for the show, this time individually creating carnival food for the Fair scenes including fake popcorn, candy apples, cotton candy, and ice cream cones. The campers were very excited about these and were eager to use them during our rehearsals this afternoon, some before all the paint on their prop had even dried!

Today we also got started on rehearsing our song for the end of the show. The campers have been picking it up very quickly and it’s sounding great! The lovely Olivia Lee, (who you may recognize from last fall’s Little Shop of Horrors) is also assisting Katrina, Meredith, and me with the camp, and tomorrow she will  be teaching the kids some choreography and actions to perform with the song. We cannot wait to see it!

This ending song was co-written by myself and the fabulous Kelsey Van Blarcom, a long-time member of the QAAW community and participant in our productions. Kelsey also came in today to take head shots of all our campers! These photos will be on display for our final camp performance on Friday, July 17th at 7pm at the Kings Edgehill Fountain Theatre, which is open to the public by free will donation! We hope you come out to see the show!

I couldn’t ask for a better group of kids. These campers have had me rolling on the floor with laughter one minute and sitting in stunned silence at their talent the next. I’m going to be sad when this week ends, but am also incredibly excited to see the finished product of all the hard work everyone has put in!

I will attempt to write a posting about our final performance and the end of camp this Friday, but it may come a day late if I get busy with performance preparations! Stay tuned for a new posting from me later this week, as well as an update from Meredith!

- Ally