Summer Student Blog Entry July 10th: Amazing Auditions and Pre-Camp Excitement!

Our Audition Station at the Falmouth Hall

This week was my last week of work before camp starts and it has been a blur of activity. I made demos of our camp props to ensure they are all doable, picked up some camp supplies, worked away at getting our Drama Camp scripts ready for our campers, came up with costume designs for the Charlotte’s Web show, and composed a list of costume pieces we will need to find or make.

My favorite part of the week by far, however, was our camp auditions on Monday and Wednesday.

Our camp auditions are always such an eye-opening learning experience for me; as most of my personal theatre involvement tends to involve being onstage as an actress, I have attended my fair share of auditions myself but only get to witness the auditions of others when doing these camps. It’s amazing to see how universal the feeling of audition nervousness is, and how varied the material presented in an audition can be. I always walk away from these auditions feeling that the kids have not only learned from their own auditions but in fact also taught me how to audition better in the future. It’s a fantastic feeling.

Most importantly, though, at these auditions I love meeting all of our campers and watching them perform for us for the first time. There were a lot of returning faces this year, which is simply awesome, as well as many new ones who I cannot wait to work with. We saw so much talent over those two days that casting the show has been a very difficult process for us! Thanks to all the enthusiasm, excitement, and skill we saw during our auditions, I am confident that we will have two amazing camp productions this year!

We had a variety of prepared pieces presented to us during auditions, from poems to songs, monologues to dances, and even some pieces adapted from Charlotte’s Web. All were presented so beautifully and with so much feeling and enthusiasm that I am practically jumping up and down with excitement about getting camp underway. (I know some of our campers feel the same way, as they were literally physically jumping up and down following their auditions!)

My blog postings may not come at their regularly scheduled times next week as I will be very busy during the day with camp (and will also be guest hosting Pub Trivia at the Spitfire on July 14th in the evening!) but I will ensure I write at least two posts per week to update you on all the wonderful progress being made at camp. I mean, how could I deny you the cute camp stories?

Until next week! I’m looking forward to it!