Summer Student Blog Entry July 1: Making my Way Downtown (Windsor), Walking Fast, Faces Pass, and I’m Homebound (the Valley)

Ha. Ha. I think I’m being so witty with these blog post titles, but I bet you the only person I’m making laugh is myself! Happy Canada Day everyone! I hope you had a nice relaxing day filled with sunshine. 

My week kicked off with traveling to Windsor on Monday to collect Ghost Walk donations from Sobeys, Elements of Health Day Spa, and Yum Bakery, as well as with promoting this year’s drama camps. While Ally has been busy planning and promoting this year’s youth drama camps, I have also been promoting the camps through advertising. This involved writing public service announcements, and getting in touch with local radio stations and schools. In addition to this, I went door to door to houses in the valley and put bulletins of information about the camps in mailboxes. These were left over from the Teddy Bear Jamboree a few weeks ago. We’re so excited for the summer camps to kick off, and I know that everyone’s hard work will pay off. The children are definitely going to enjoy themselves with all the fun things Ally has planned. I wish I was young enough to sign up!

For the past month I have been compiling a list of grants I am applying for, and ones Quick As A Wink can apply for after the summer is over. I was impressed with the amount of resources out there for non-profit organizations and small arts organizations, it made me happy to see how much support there was. With this long list I have made, I’m going to be very busy in the next few weeks! These applications are very time consuming and detailed, but all the hard work will pay off in the end!

Until next time, everyone! Make sure to do something fun today (I hear there’s a few fireworks shows going on tonight)!