Summer Student Blog Entry June 28: Walking on Sunshine

Hello Everyone! After the past few days of rain and grey, dreary weather we have been experiencing in the valley, I was more than happy to travel to Windsor where I was greeted with nothing but sunshine (while avoiding the sunburn, mind you!). As I sit outside writing this blog post, I pray that the beautiful weather will not cause another lobster-colored sunburn- one is enough for the summer!

Having the chance to stroll around Windsor in the lovely sunshine put a spring in my step as I went from business to business, picking up donations, and discussing sponsorship opportunities. The sunshine seemed to bring out more people than usual, and everyone in the town was in a carefree mood. I could really get used to this weather!


This year, Quick As A Wink is once again partnering with the Valley Ghost Walks for the Windsor Ghost Walks. My mission this week was to not only apply for grants and seek sponsorships for the theatre, but to also seek donations for the Windsor Walks. For the past few weeks, I have been traveling to many local Windsor businesses to seek sponsorships for the Ghost Walks in the form of cash donations and also in the form of door prizes for the walks. This week, I traveled to Tim Horton's on Water Street, where they generously donated a pair of ceramic mugs, and Sweet William’s Family Restaurant, where they thoughtfully donated a gift card to their lovely establishment. I went to several other institutions to discuss possible donations, and picked up a gift card from the Atlantic Superstore. Over the past few weeks I have also received donations from Lucky Italiano, Magic Pizza, and Bella Roma. With such lovely prizes, I want to get in on the fun myself (is that allowed?!). I would also like to take this time to express thanks to The Spitfire Arms Pub and Strum Insurance, who are our cash donors for the walks this season.

If you want a chance to win one of these awesome prizes, take part in the Windsor Ghost walks, which are scheduled from now until October (I know I’ll be there!).  You will be sure to enjoy a spooky ambiance created by a talented cast of experienced actors and have the chance to bring home wonderful prizes. Thank you to all of the businesses who are donating to support these walks. We look forward to partnering with you.


As my day drew to a close, I snapped a picture before heading back to the valley. I wanted to capture the moment of sunshine (while it lasts!). Until next time, Windsor, I can’t wait to visit you again!