Summer Student Blog Entry July 25th: Summer Camp Scheduling and Audition Musings

I have the day off tomorrow, so today's blog post is here one day early. It has been a busy, busy week! 

If you've ever wondered what creating a rehearsal schedule for camp looks like, it looks something like this!

I have been hard at work over the past few days creating a schedule for next month’s Youth Drama Camp. The camp is only one week long, so we have a lot of material and activities to fit in to such a short amount of time. This afternoon I finally got everything to fit in, from rehearsal, to games, to crafts, to a special trip we will be taking on Wednesday afternoon to visit our friends over at Mermaid Theatre! The planning process has been extensive and taken a lot of time (as well as a lot of my table space!) All of this work is definitely worth it, though, since it makes for a smooth running camp, a lot of fun, and a fantastic final performance.

I personally cannot wait to meet all of our participants in the near future; camp auditions are being held on July 6th and 8th and are one of my favorite parts of the camp preparation process.

If you are attending our summer camps for the first time this summer and are feeling nervous about your audition, please rest easy! The auditions are very relaxed and the camp coordinators you will meet are very friendly. All we want to do at this audition is meet you before the camp starts and allow you to become comfortable with us, learn about you and what you would like to do at the camp, and start thinking about how we can make your camp experience as helpful and enjoyable as possible!

We are going to start contacting parents regarding setting up audition times within the next few days, so if you have registered for a summer camp you will be hearing from us soon! We cannot wait to meet you and get these camps underway!

Don’t forget to register for these camps by clicking here if you haven’t yet!

Outside of camp preparation, this week has also been very monumental for me as on Tuesday I celebrated my birthday and turned twenty-one years old! I suppose this means I am a “real” adult now, huh? How lucky for me that I can continue to feel young by working with such wonderful energetic kids at our camps!

Stay tuned for Monday’s blog post! Until then, have a wonderful weekend!