Summer Student Blog Entry June 22nd: Jammin' at the Jamboree


This past Saturday, Falmouth’s annual Teddy Bear Jamboree took place. It was a beautiful day to spend outside and much fun was had by all!

I was lucky enough to take part in this great event. In an attempt to be festive, I had attached a small stuffed bear to my hairband and was proudly walking around town with it displayed on my head. While this went over very well at the Jamboree events and especially with the kids in attendance, I think I greatly confused some of the adults I encountered at the store while picking up the candy for the parade. Sorry, everyone; I was getting into the Jamboree spirit!

The morning of the Jamboree I walked in the annual parade with my lovely co-worker Meredith, as well as her friend Jodie and my brother Tristan who had volunteered to help us out. They were a wonderful help to us; Tristan and Jodie carried our Quick As A Wink banner with care while Meredith and I interacted with the crowd, handing out flyers with information about our summer camps and throwing candy to the eager audience of children. It was great fun (as well as great exercise!) and felt very satisfying to see everyone’s smiling faces.

Following the parade, I went up to the Falmouth Hall to participate in the games and parade after events. I brought with me a large selection of props, jewellery, and costume pieces and held a Quick As A Wink Photo Booth on the grass. People could come over to my station, use as many items as they wanted, then have a picture taken of themselves in all their costume garb. I also had additional flyers to pass out at the booth regarding out summer camps.

Running this photo booth was especially exciting for me as I was visited by a number of kids who recognized me from my summer camp presentations at Falmouth District School. It was so satisfying to hear that they had enjoyed my presentation and that it had been memorable for them!

I would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who volunteered their time at the Teddy Bear Jamboree this weekend, especially those of you working the grill and providing me with a delicious lunch, and to the lovely woman providing musical accompaniment to the event. All of your efforts made a lot of kids very happy this Saturday!

Throughout this week I will now be working hard preparing for our Youth Theatre Camps; expect updates on this in Friday’s blog post!

Happy Monday, everyone! (And a Happy Belated Father’s Day to all you dads out there!)

Don’t forget that summer camp registration is open! Click here for more info or to register.

Until Friday!

- Ally