Spotlight on ... Greg Palmer!

Today’s Spotlight is on a talented and passionate member of our Quick As A Wink Board of Directors – our own Greg Palmer!

Photo credit: Kathleen Crowell

If you have seen a QAAW show in recent years then you will probably be familiar with Greg’s work; since joining us in 2013 he has made quite an impression and appeared in a number of productions! “I first came to Quick As A Wink with Oklahoma in 2013 to play Will Parker,” Greg says. “Toven McLean and Mark Wainman sought me out after hearing I was a dancer and asked me to come audition for the show. It was a really fun show even though learning to spin a rope was unbelievably hard; I think I got it to work once in a show! Since Oklahoma, I have done Cinderella, where I played Prince Christopher, and I was in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown as Linus. I am now all geared up to play Bert Healy in the upcoming show of Annie.”

Greg has also been actively involved with QAAW from offstage. “I have sat on the Board [of Directors] for the last two seasons,” he says. “I also did the Pumpkin Regatta last October with Elsa [Hodder]! It was a huge pumpkin and by some miracle of God we finished - we did no training at all, which was a bad idea for a 950lb pumpkin!”

Of course, Greg had been involved with theatre and the arts long before becoming involved with Quick As A Wink. “When I was seventeen I went to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s Summer Program,” Greg says. “When I first graduated high school I moved to Toronto to dance at George Brown College, eventually deciding to leave to pursue a less exciting life of science at Dalhousie. I think I am most proud about the fact that all of my training until I was seventeen was done in Nova Scotia. We are very fortunate to have so much local talent to help us all grow as artists! Shout out to Ross Creek Centre for the Arts, Annapolis Valley Honour Choir, and Cadance Academy!” Greg also remains involved with local talent outside of QAAW today. “I was lucky enough to co-choreograph Stage Prophets’ recent show of Mary Poppins, alongside Winkie Award winning Best Featured Female Dancer 2014, Rachael Bouwman,” he says.

Though Greg has high hopes for his future in theatre, some of his preferred roles are ones he believes he may never get a chance to perform. “Most of my real dream roles would require me to be a belty woman - think Effie in Dreamgirls, or Daisy or Violet in Side Show,” he says. “More realistically however, I’d love to play Gabriel in Next to Normal, Sebastian in The Little Mermaid, Link Larkin in Hairspray and Mark in Rent.”

Greg’s passion for theatre is one that runs deep. “If I could change any one thing in the world I would have more people come to join the theatre!” he says. “It’s an awesome experience and I think most people would be surprised by how many different skills we need to successfully put on a show. I think people are scared because they think they need to be a ‘theatre person,’ but there are so many diverse roles! Please come join us - at Quick As A Wink it’s always the more the merrier!”

Thank you for all your contributions to QAAW, Greg! We love being able to work with you both onstage and off, and hope we are able to do so for years to come!

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