October 5, 2015

To our extended theatre family:

Since 2003, Quick As A Wink Theatre Society has been an active member of the performing arts scene in the Avon Region, living by a mandate of educating and increasing the public’s understanding and appreciation of the arts.  Quick As A Wink hopes to remain part of your community for many years to come.

As a registered charity, Quick As A Wink balances the costs of producing quality plays and musicals with the affordability of ticket prices.  Each year Quick As A Wink aims to cover costs, breaking even through limited streams of revenue, including tickets sales, local partnerships, donations, fundraisers and special events.  An average large-cast musical has a budget of $12,000 - $18,000, with our plays and small-cast musicals produced on budgets between $5,000 - $8,000.  The largest costs for most of the plays and musicals are the production rights, most of which are ordered from licensing agencies in the United States.  The low Canadian Dollar has significantly increased the cost of these fees for all Canadian theatre production companies, including Quick As A Wink.

The weak dollar has also had an effect on other businesses with which we deal, including building materials companies, clothing and fabric companies, transportation companies, and other retail businesses.  This has led to increased operating expense costs, ticket processing costs, and production costs.

As a result, effective October 5, 2015, Quick As A Wink will adopt a new ticket pricing structure intended to preserve the quality of shows you have come to expect, while maintaining an affordable venue for live entertainment in the Avon Region.  We will adopt the following ticket pricing structure.

Adult                                    $20.00
Senior/Student                  $16.00 (20% discount)
12 and under                       $12.00 (no change from 2015)

Further to the new pricing structure, Quick As A Wink has discontinued public memberships due to low interest.  All 2015 memberships will remain active until the 2016 Annual General Meeting, as stated in the original transaction.  Active members will take advantage of the Senior/Student pricing until their membership expires.   Actors will no longer purchase memberships, but will be required to pay an Actor’s Levy, confirming they are protected by our insurance policy.  Actor’s Levy pricing will adopt the 2015 Membership pricing at status quo.

In addition to the new ticket pricing structure we are proud to introduce our first Season Ticket Packages, available for the 2016 season.  Season Tickets are available online at QAAW.ca.  Enjoy four shows for the following prices. 

Admit One (four shows)                    $60.00 (save up to $20.00)
Pair of Tickets (per four shows)      $110.00 (save up to $50.00)

We would like to thank you for your continued support of Quick As A Wink Theatre Society and we will continue to enhance our product in order to better serve you in the future.

Quick As A Wink Theatre Society, Board of Directors