Spotlight on ... Lorraine Lazier!

Today’s Spotlight is on the witty and wonderful Lorraine Lazier!

While Lorraine herself is a friendly and compassionate person, the characters she has been portraying since her very first QAAW production have not reflected that at all! “My first role with Quick As A Wink was in Act One Scene One of Glory Days,” Lorraine says. “I can’t remember the character’s name, but she was the nasty woman, and I have played the nasty woman in every Quick As A Wink production I have been in since; I was the nasty woman in Marvin’s Room, the nasty woman in Steel Magnolias, the nasty woman in The Little Princess, and the nasty woman in the female version of The Odd Couple … You see the theme here, don’t you? Not sure why that is, hmm …”

Though Lorraine has taken the Quick As A Wink stage many times, she is unsure as to what roles she may enjoy playing next, ‘nasty woman’ or otherwise. “I don’t have any dream roles,” she says. “Honestly, English was my worst subject and I am not well-read.  I enjoy playing witty and strong characters who have an edge to them, with conflicting emotions bubbling under the surface.”

For Lorraine, the opportunity to experiment with and experience new emotions is one of the biggest draws to live theatre. “I am drawn to acting because I spend so much of my time observing others’ emotions and working to contain mine at work that I enjoy the opportunity to openly explore and express them on stage,” she says. “I suspect people are drawn to being in the audience because it gives them the opportunity to explore emotions as well, but in a somewhat safer ‘one-step-removed’ manner compared to being on stage. I believe live theatre allows for a closer connection between the audience and the characters.”

Some of Lorraine’s favorite and most surprising theatre memories have occurred through QAAW. “I was asked to play Miss Minchin in the musical The Little Princess,” she says.  “I had accompanied my daughters to the audition and agreed to read lines for someone who hadn’t shown up. I had not actually intended to audition, because I am not much of a singer - unless I am driving alone with Kate Bush or Alanis Morissette blaring - but, I guess it didn’t matter that the nasty woman couldn’t sing well; it just made it that much easier for the audience to despise me!  Oh, and I won a Winkie Award!”

Outside of theatre, Lorraine is also incredibly accomplished and interested in many areas, especially in the field of health and wellness . “I am studying holistic approaches to mental and physical health, such as primitive reflex integration, BodyTalk consciousness-based therapy, and HeartMath heart rate variability modulation,” Lorraine says. “I believe there needs to be more awareness of, and attention to, the integration of left and right brain functions, and of mind/consciousness and body, for people to realize their full potential, obtain optimal individual wellness and enjoy interpersonal synchrony.”

Lorraine is also engaged in physical activity and devoted to her family. “I enjoy supporting my daughters’ varied interests,” she says. “I try to stay physically fit by attending boxing classes and bootcamps, and I competed with the Pisiquid Masters paddling/rowing club this summer.  I hope to swim through the winter so I will be ready to hit the lake - or fall into the lake, I should say - again next June.  I also play cello with the Four Seasons Community Orchestra in Windsor, conducted by Roger Taylor, and I hope to return to karate in the future, when my daughters’ dance schedules permits.”

Thank you for all your contributions to QAAW, Lorraine! You are certainly not a ‘nasty woman’ to those of us here at Quick As A Wink!

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