Introduction to the QAAW Governing Board of Directors 

if you are seeing this page before reading the introduction including time commitments and legal duties of board members, please click here.



You have received this board application link because you have been recommended by a friend or staff member of Quick As A Wink Theatre Society to explore the opportunity to apply for a two-year term on the QAAW Governing Board of Directors.

We hope you will take this opportunity to learn more about QAAW, the society's missions, and the responsibilities of the governing board. We believe as you further explore Quick As A Wink Theatre Society, the more you will want to partner with our organization in its mission of educating the community on performing arts.

This application is just the beginning of the process in becoming a new board member for a two-year term. You will need to attend the Annual General Meeting on February 10, 2019. Member approval of your application will be part of the process, as well as board training and on-boarding. 

Should you determine that you have an interest in exploring a board position with Quick As A Wink Theatre Society, please complete this application. 

Thank you for your interest in a potential Governing Board position with Quick As A Wink Theatre Society. 

Please note, regardless of reason, a director on the governing board will be removed from active duty after missing three regularly scheduled board meetings in one calendar year. If the board changes a regularly scheduled meeting date, board members who must send regrets for the new meeting date are not held responsible. Board meeting dates will be set before the AGM and you will be able to put all dates into your personal calendar well in advance.

Responsibilities of directors on the governing board should be treated like a job. If you wish to volunteer for Quick As A Wink Theatre Society, please click here for a volunteer application.

Directors on a governing board are legally bound with potential for personal liability. If you did not thoroughly read the introduction to legal duties for directors, please click here and do so before you fill out this application. 

Governing Board Member Application and Questionnaire

Much of this information (professional information for example) is required from the registry of joint stocks for all board members, so please do not skip any lines.

Legal Name on Birth/Marriage/Name Change Certificate (put First AND Middle Name[s]) *
Legal Name on Birth/Marriage/Name Change Certificate (put First AND Middle Name[s])
Home Address *
Home Address
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Employer Address
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EXPERIENCE (for new director applicants - existing board members may skip this section)
SKILLS (for new director applicants - existing board members may skip this section)
Please mark the skills and/or interest you bring to our board:
Time Commitment: Board meetings are held once a month (plus an annual AGM) for 2-3 hours. Each board member is also expected to serve on a committee that would generally meet quarterly for 2-3 hours. In addition, board members may be required to produce one of the eight shows in their 2-year term (all main stage shows must have an active board member as producer). Board members are expected to work front of house for at least one performance of each of eight main stage shows in their two year term, and volunteer for at least one main stage show in a full-time capacity (sets, costumes, lighting, sound, direction, music direction, etc) per year. Finally, board members are asked to attend 4-6 special events throughout their two year term. Can you reasonably commit this amount of time?
MOTIVATION (for new director applicants - existing board members may skip this section)
Board Member Expectations - To help QAAW be successful and to be a valued board member, I will keep the following as my expectations:
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Budget Responsibility *
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Legal Expectations *
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