Auditions for A Christmas Carol 

special Monday auditions for A Christmas Carol Extended


Quick As A Wink Theatre Society is holding open auditions for their upcoming production of A Christmas Carol (Music by Alan Menkin, Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens, Book by Mike Ockrent and Lynn Ahrens. Based on the story by Charles Dickens)

Auditions for The Drowsy Chaperone are now closed, but we are still looking for males aged 16 and older with strong dance abilities. Anyone interested should contact the director, Toven MacLean, at

A Christmas Carol, directed by Mark Wainman with music direction by Katrina Salmon, will require a large cast with a large ensemble of all ages. Anyone who wishes to participate in this musical will be given a role.

No experience necessary.  Quick As A Wink prides itself on taking actors of all skill levels, from first timers to experienced actors, and teaching skills required to perform for a live audience.  Our mission includes the education of community members in theatre and performing arts!  

When: Auditions will be held the following time:

Monday, July 24th at 6:30pm

Where: Fountain Performing Arts Centre at King's-Edgehill School in Windsor, NS

What is Expected: Please plan to attend the entire audition time on your evening of choice. The first part of the audition will be a group gathering. The group will meet the director, music director, and vocal coach. We will sing together, and then meet briefly with the music director to determine singing ranges. There will be a short dancing combination taught to get an idea of dancing skill. 

If you are interested in the ensemble only, you will be free to leave after the first hour. Those interested in a speaking and/or singing role will be asked to sing individually on the stage. Please do not prepare a song from A Christmas Carol. Your song should last no longer than 30-45 seconds. Monologue not required, but there will be cold readings available. 


A christmas carol

  • Director Mark Wainman. Music Director Katrina Salmon. Produced by Jennifer Oulton-Alexander per Quick As A Wink Theatre Society.
  • Rehearsals will be Sunday evenings starting August 13. 
  • Show dates will be Dec 1, 2, 8, 9 at 7 p.m. with special 2 p.m. matinees Dec 2, 9, 10. (Please note, there is no Sunday matinee on the first weekend due to Christmas Angels in Windsor, where cast will be required to perform)
  • There may be one rehearsal between the two show weekends.  
  • Full attendance during the rehearsal process and during production week is a requirement.  Attendance concerns should be brought to the attention of the director well in advance of the conflict date.
  • All participants will be given a rehearsal schedule.  Conflicts should be brought to the attention of the director immediately upon receipt of this schedule.
  • Questions can be addressed to Director, Mark Wainman, at
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  • Roles Available:

    There are twelve speaking roles available.  Varying ages of male and female characters. All ages of actors welcome to audition.

    The suggested ages of the actors below is a guideline.  Anyone may request to audition for any role; the director will use discretion in who he sees for specific auditions.  The director may cast actors in opposite-gender roles as he sees fit.

    Scrooge (Age 45-65; Vocal A3-G5)
    Mr. Crachit (Age 30-40; Vocal A3-E5)
    Mrs. Carchit (Age 30-40; Vocal A3-E5)
    Tiny Tim (Age 9-12; Vocal A3-E5)
    Fred (Age 25-35; Vocal A3-F5)
    Ghost of Christmas Present (Male, Age 35-45; Vocal A3-G5)
    Ghost of Christmas Past (Male, Age 40-60; Vocal A3-G5)
    Ghost of Christmas Future (Female, Age 50-65; Vocal A3-G5)
    Marley (Age 45-55; Vocal A3-A5)
    Scrooge's Mother
    Young Scrooge
    Emily (Age 18-25; Vocal A3-B5)
    Mrs. Fezziwig (Age 50-60; Vocal A3-A5)
    Mr. Fezziwig (Age 55-65; Vocal A3-B5)


Volunteer Positions Available:

Costume Team - We are need of several volunteers to help sew and design costumes, as well as go shopping at second hand stores looking for specific items. 
Scenic Designer - We are in need of someone to design and to take the lead on the scenic painting team.
Scenic Painters - We are in need of several painters for set scenes
Fundraising Captain - Someone to organize and track the fundraising goals

Set Construction - We are always looking for new volunteers to help the team build the set.
Front of House - Volunteers needed to work with Jan and Yvonne, our FOH Managers.
Back Stage Crew - Move sets, organize props, manage actor entrances and exits.
So much more... - email if you can help in any way!


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Membership Dues *
Every volunteer who participates in a play in any way must become a member in good standing of Quick As A Wink Theatre Society in order to be covered by insurance. No volunteer will be allowed to participate until they are a member in good standing. In order to become a member in good standing, volunteers must pay dues, which costs $20 per person or $25 per household. This fee keeps a member in good standing and insured for a year after the date of the first rehearsal after the date of purchase.
Make-Up Policy *
Due to health regulations, Quick As A Wink Theatre Society cannot provide or apply make-up to actors. Sharing make-up and related supplies is strongly discouraged to avoid the spread of potentially harmful micro-organisms. Actors will be responsible for the cost of their own make-up. You can get make-up in any cosmetics department for a reasonable price. Quick As A Wink will be offering make-up packages (new, unopened makeup) for purchase at a reduced price (which will be cheaper than most retail locations). We have two packages available, and we can coordinate custom package orders. More information will be available about packages for those interested in purchasing.
Rehearsal Attendance *
Rehearsal and performance attendance is mandatory. Any actor accumulates more than three absences, or who fails to communicate absences in advance, will be asked to leave the cast.
Costume Pieces *
Some basic costumes and prop pieces (white shirts, black pants, a scarf, a dark coat, dark shoes, newspaper, tin can, etc) may be required to be provided by the cast. The items requested will most often be items the average person would have lying around the house. There is rarely any cost associated with these items for the actors involved. If an actor does not have access to these items, QAAW can often help find free options. Specific and specialty costumes will be purchased by QAAW and will become the property of QAAW.
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By checking below, you hereby grant to Quick As A Wink Theatre Society the right to use the photographed/video images of your child in connection with activities of the Quick As A Wink Theatre Society. This includes, without limitation, the right to reproduce, display, distribute, broadcast and publish such images in any format. The format may include, without limitation, websites, newsletters, promotional materials, newspapers, posters, admissions publications, advertisements, and fund-raising materials. These images may appear in any of the wide variety of formats and media now available and any that may be available in the future; including, without limitation to print, video and electronic format.